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Computer Setup & Installation

Have you just bought a new computer but are sceptical to install and set it up on your own? This is one fear most of us face, be it a Windows or a Mac, we want only the experts to handle it for us. An incorrect installation can cause grave damages to the computer and connected devices.

Whether you’re searching for setup service, installation or other services, our affordable services will meet your needs. At KEZ SERVICES we take care of the physical set-up of your computer and peripherals, as well as installation and configuration of software onto your new computer.

Computer Setup Service

If you’ve bought a new desktop PC or Mac, and it already comes with the software you need, we handle the first computer setup service to help you get everything set up. We will configure your internet to run at its best speed, or if you want, we may transfer your data and files from your old computer or take a backup onto your new computer. In addition to your new computer, we’ll connect it to your LAN if you are using a network.
Most programmes that are loaded onto computers nowadays are either unimportant or intrusive. Your system will slow down as a result of this junk software. As a part of our setup process, we suggest removing those applications you are unlikely to ever use from your pre-loaded Windows-based PC

Computer Installation Service

For individuals who have purchased a computer that has no software installed on it, the next service level is to install necessary applications. The computer installation service installs everything you need on your computer, including your software. This service may involve an upgrade to your operating system, downloading and installing vital applications like Microsoft Office and much more.
Your data will be safe, and we can transfer everything to the new computer, regardless of whether you’re going from a Windows-based machine to a Mac or vice versa. We are happy to help you with the installation of Boot Camp or other applications like Parallels or VMware on your Mac to make your macOS/ Windows dual operating system work properly.

Technology may fail you.

Our tech professionals won't.

You may face a multitude of frustrations if technology disappoints you. Our services are intended to relieve your stress. Our company is ready to assist with anything from little to colossal undertakings. We are the right choice for you as we offer:

  • Flexibility to choose from a variety of pre-planned packages or customize your own.
  • Minimal waiting time and instant access to technicians.
  • Option to choose between remote and on-site support.
  • Expert tech support round the year.
  • Customer-oriented business operations.

Why choose KEZ SERVICES?

  • Experts at our company help you find the optimal settings for all your requirements by offering professional assistance with customization as per requirement.
  • Your service will involve installing and configuring custom and default folders and match your 64-bit or 32-bit system.
  • We provide our customers with reasonable options rather than roping them into costly ones.
  • Installation of the software is simple and convenient.

Call KEZ SERVICES if you are having trouble selecting appropriate software for your computer requirements. For all your computer and laptop repair requirements, have a look at our repair services or us at Call 020 3886 0045

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