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Technicians at KEZ SERVICES have years of experience in providing industry-standard PC diagnostics.

You may not know but hardware or equipment that generates heat tend to fail the most, thanks to technological advancements, you can scan your system to check for minor failures before everything crashes down.

When we talk about technology, there’s a proverb called ‘Murphy’s Law’ that states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. This means hardware with the potential to fall apart will get damaged at some point. With cutting-edge devices that may look perfect and sleek, there is still an incredibly complex puzzle of software and electronics inside. Also, whenever something goes wrong with our computer, we instantly feel helpless. Fortunately, we now have experts and tools to assess and resolve the problems and issues that may be causing a disturbance. This process is described as PC Diagnostics and if you need a professional to help you with fixing your computer, call us at 020-3886-0045 or write to us at info@kezservices.co.uk

To run easy computer diagnostic tests at home, here are some things that you can do:

Check if you are running out of storage space.

This may sound obvious but being one of the common issues, it can easily be fixed. When you end up using about 85% of the hard drive’s storage, your computer will simply slow down. This is an issue that you can diagnose easily by checking up on the storage and deleting the files that are useless. If you don’t wish to do so every time, you can invest in an external hard drive or if you are on a Mac, then cloud storage will be ideal.

Ensure that you don’t have malicious software in your system.

Viruses and Malware can cause problems of all types in your computer. From little pop-up windows to serious issues like paralysing your entire OS (operating system), you can end up losing your precious data. Sure, you can be careful and invest in virus protection tools, but you never know when adware or malware enters your system. Some of the horrible pieces of software tend to bundle up with other software packages and since we don’t pay attention to tiny details, we end up clicking ‘yes’ to install malware without even understanding what we are agreeing to. Therefore, it is important to remove such files or software immediately.

While you can conduct these easy tests at home, there are several challenges where you will need an expert. That’s where KEZ SERVICES comes into the picture to lift the burden off your shoulders, and deliver you effective solutions.


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